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Green Initiatives and Sustainability at Health Hub Morayfield

The Australian Medical Association (AMA) Queensland recently published an article that featured Health Hub Morayfield as an example of a practice that is showing sustainability practices. AMA  Queensland state that practices play a vital role in becoming more sustainable.

The article details Health Hub Morayfield’s green initiatives and the ways we are focussing on sustainability. Our sustainability program includes our 404kW solar power system, LED lighting, rainwater tanks and electric vehicle chargers. See the article exert about Health Hub Morayfield below.

Health Hub Morayfield:

When work started on the $100 million, 14,000sqm Morayfield Health Hub in 2017, the Health Developments Corporation wanted to include a broader sustainability program. The hub was built on an old Bunnings building and they used what they could from the old building.

The biggest green initiative for the site, though, is the 404kW solar power system, which will achieve payback in just over four years from installation, saving the group $123,000 in energy bills each year.

“Health and climate change are so inextricably linked we wanted to make sure for this building we were actually able to have a sustainable model around what we were doing in terms of energy consumption,” said Director Dr Evan Jones.

“As the prices of batteries come down and it makes economic sense, we’ll put in a battery system which will provide us with a very large uninterruptible power supply (UPS) that will be able to manage some of our power supplies through the night then,” said Dr Jones.

Beyond solar energy, Morayfield Health Hub has a broader sustainability program incorporating elements such as LED lighting, rainwater tanks and two electric vehicle chargers.


AMA Queensland Sustainability Article

Download article here> What practices can do – AMA Queensland