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Positive Aged Care

Looking after yourself and your health interest helps you live life to the fullest and enjoy every day as it is presented

Our Providers helping you on your journey

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Dose administration aids, delivery and advice.

Health Hub Doctors Morayfield

Open Minds can support you through the stages of life that can be overwhelming. These may be due to the concern you have for a loved one you care for with disability or mental illness, or it may be to support you with your own mental health needs as you approach a different stage of life.

Imaging Morayfield

We provide 75 and over health assessments which provide a holistic look into your health and wellbeing. We also offer government funded immunisations such as shingles vaccines, influenza vaccines and pneumococcal vaccines. We work closely with aged care facilities within the area, to help understand and provide advice regarding support services for the elderly.