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ihear Are Your Local Hearing Service Provider

Our professional and highly qualified clinicians are passionate about hearing and looking after the hearing needs of the local community.

Improved Hearing Health Leads to Better Overall Health

When left untreated, simple tasks like hearing conversations at a restaurant or talking on the phone can become difficult. Not only can hearing loss make it harder to communicate but if left untreated, it can also lead to other health problems.

Hearing loss is far more prevalent in the community than most people realise, with recent studies showing with 1 in 7 Australian’s have a treatable hearing loss, but what may surprise many is that nearly 50% of these are under retirement age.

As the world gets louder, the age of those with hearing loss gets younger. The effect of noise exposure means that people in their 40’s and 50’s are having hearing problems.

At ihear, we offer FREE hearing checks so we can diagnose any hearing loss early and have a wide range of solutions for individual needs, lifestyle and budget.

ihear range of hearing services include:

  • Complimentary hearing screening
  • Trials of the latest hearing aids
  • FREE* Hearing aids and services for Pensioners and Veterans
  • Hearing aid repairs and batteries
  • Noise Protection
  • Diagnostic Hearing Assessments
  • Paediatric Hearing Tests (over 4yrs of age)
  • Friendly Professional Service
  • NEW! Wax removal services available

* On behalf of the OHS

For more information or to book a Free Hearing Screening, call ihear on 07 5428 1600 or go to our website www.ihear.com.au.