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Milestones Early Learning Centre

About Us

Milestones Early Learning Centre Morayfield is an educational facility highly motivated on providing the highest quality care and education for children in their early years.

We believe that “It takes a village to raise a child” and our village is inclusive of Families, Educators and also the community.

We are committed to building positive and lasting relationships with our children and families and strive to ensure that you feel confident, when leaving your children in our care. We believe in creating diverse environments where all Children and Families are encouraged to collaborate with Educators – ensuring the transition between your home and our Centre is smooth and less daunting.

Our spacious and natural environments provide open-ended opportunities for children to explore and experiment during our indoor and outdoor Educational program. We provide children with a wide range of resources and experiences which build on independence and individuality allowing them to discover the world around them at their own pace.

Our passionate and Qualified Educators deliver our innovative educational programs each and every day, which are thoughtfully designed based on your child’s interests and developmental needs. We provide an online profile of photos daily to keep you up to date with how your child’s day is progressing.

Our Services

Milestones Early Learning Centre Morayfield offers care for children aged 6 weeks through to 5 years. We have 5 beautifully set studios to cater for these ages and to encourage each child’s individuality and needs.

Our spacious Explores studio offers a home away from home environment for the 6 weeks to 12 months where the educators maintain home routines and work with you in partnership to ensure that it is a smooth transition for both child and parent.

Our Discovers studio for the 12mths to 2 years opens the world of Discovery for the children to discover their world. Children have an inbuilt drive for discovery. We encourage your child to observe the world and to feel a sense of wonder for everything in it.

Our Experimenters Studio for the 2 years to 3 years opens the world to experimenting. Experiential learning enables children to pursue their own areas of interest and to work through problems as they arise in real-life situations.

The Investigators Studio for the 3 years to 4 years allows the children to investigate their world and how it works.  Young children love to ask questions. It’s one of the ways in which they make sense of the world and their place in it. Questions are also a powerful tool for educators to promote children’s thinking and learning. Through investigation, children exercise their sense of agency and develop valuable and complex problem-solving skills. When children are able to pose questions and investigate the answers, they feel in charge of their own learning

Our Researchers Studio is our Kindergarten studio for the 4 years to 5 years children.  We use a play-based approach which involves both child-initiated and teacher-supported learning. The teacher encourages children’s learning and research through interactions that aim to extend their thinking to higher levels. For example, while children are playing with blocks, a teacher can pose questions that encourage problem-solving, prediction and hypothesising. The teacher can also bring the child’s awareness towards mathematics, science and literacy concepts, allowing them to engage with such concepts through hands-on learning.

Here at Bluebird Morayfield, we also provide 6 nutritious meals a day, made by our chef onsite; breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, late snack and dinner. We also know how busy you are in the morning and have morning tea ready for you when you take your complimentary tea or coffee.

Our innovative outdoor environments are exciting and offer a range of purpose-built equipment and experiences such as our pirate ship, mud kitchen’s, accessible water pumps, large sandpits, water park and giant fort.

Our Early Childhood Teacher (ECT), along with her experienced and dedicated team implement a school readiness program that ignites curiosity and wonder in children as they build a strong foundation that will help each child transition smoothly throughout their PREP year. Each child is valued as a competent and capable learner and actively contributes to the daily program.


  • Forest School program which is designed to foster an appreciation and respect for nature for our 4-year-old children
  • Future Champs Health and Fitness Program
  • Language Classes
  • In-house Weekly Cooking Program
  • EDUCA app: Parent communication tool for daily journals and learning stories
  • Parent TV – Informative subscription to online video resources, to support families
  • Centre coffee machine
  • Nappies and wipes
  • Regular excursions and incursions

Our enrolment process is a nurturing process that allows both parents and children to feel comfortable in our service by having play dates.  This allows both parent and children to engage with the Educators to build trust and understanding in the new learning environment.  We endeavour to make Bluebirds Morayfield a home away from home.  We working in partnership with you to raise your child.  It takes a Village to Raise a child.  We look forward to welcoming you into our service.